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POP theory

Design a clean and easy online shopping experience centered around vintage and retro inspired graphics and modern typefaces.


Logo Design

Branding & Identity

Digital & Web 

Motion Graphics



POP theory




The old logo (shown in examples below) was an homage to pop art and consists of the classic pop colors. The new logo is a single color, and retro inspired colors are used in background of images. 

This creates a playful and fun experience for the consumer. 

The new logo (above) uses two thicknesses to separate the words POP and theory. A clean and minimal san serif font was chosen to give the brand a modern and more luxurious touch.

Lower case letters are also used for headings as another unique style point for the brand.




old logo

motion graphics

These short animations were created for the Instagram feed and stories. They can also be used as video ads. 


The logo and titles can be incorporated into video lookbooks, or pitch decks.

web & mobile

Since each style of sunglasses has multiple color variations, swatches were designed and incorporated on the shopping page for two reasons. First, it condensed several colors into one product. Second, it allowed customers to view every variation of every style from one page. 


I photographed, edited, and retouched the product shots used below, in a personal photography studio. The images were also used for the digital assets used on social media and email blasts. 


digital assets

These are a few of the assets created for use on the website, social media, and in emails to mailing list members. They can be used with or without the bold style name. 

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